Terror in Paris

By Kate Barton On Friday, November 13, six terrorist attacks of shootings and bombings were carried out in Paris by the terrorist group ISIS. Locations include restaurants, the Stade de France, and a concert hall. For many, this terrorist attack resembles 9/11. The death rate is lower, but the malicious intent is the same. The death count now is at least 127, all civilians. Videos are available … Continue reading Terror in Paris

The Final “Ok” on the Iranian Deal

By Kate Barton On Wednesday, October 14, the Iranian Guardian Council passed the Iranian nuclear program deal, the final step before its implementation. The deal was passed by an absolute majority. The votes were 161 for, 59 against, and 13 abstaining. The council held debates over whether the deal went against their constitution and Sharia Law, which they decided it did not. The Iranian Deal calls … Continue reading The Final “Ok” on the Iranian Deal

Pope Francis on the Issues

By Katherine Barton On September 21, Pope Francis arrived in Washington for his first visit to the U.S. The pope addressed many issues to give his direct opinion to the American people, and is arguably the most liberal pope yet. Among them, the pope advocated for “life,” not so much addressing the issue of abortion, but the death penalty. Pope Francis stressed the importance of … Continue reading Pope Francis on the Issues

A tragedy in Oregon

By Kate Barton On October 1, a white male student of Umpqua Community College in Oregon opened fire and killed nine students. He then took his own life, after exchanging fire with two police officers who soon arrived to the scene. The shooter reportedly had problems with mental illness, and has posted on social media about feeling that “other people think I’m crazy, but I’m … Continue reading A tragedy in Oregon

Seniors: Exercise Your Rights

By Kate Barton Now that the senior class is age 18 or close to it, it is now the time to register to vote! There are many important voting opportunities approaching such as the general election on November 3 and the legalization of cannabis, also on November 3’s ballot. All approaching voting opportunities can be found at: Click to access soselectioncalendar.pdf It is important that … Continue reading Seniors: Exercise Your Rights

EU Establishes Border Restrictions

by Kate Barton Due to an unprecedented number of migrants, the previously “border free” EU is creating border controls. Germany, for example, is expected to receive 800,000 refugees this year. Germany has just imposed checks on its border with Austria due to the large number of migrants. Not all countries are welcoming; Hungary has built a wire fence 110 miles long to keep migrants out … Continue reading EU Establishes Border Restrictions

Heroin in Rural America

By Katherine Barton Heroin has increased in popularity in the United States over the last two decades. The increase in usage of heroin is linked to Portsmouth, Ohio, in the 1990s, when doctors prescribed medicine fairly freely, leading to addiction. Millions of pills we prescribed a year. The drugs were opiates with a similar structure to heroin. As abusers of the medication could no longer … Continue reading Heroin in Rural America

Ireland Votes on Same-Sex Marriage

By Katherine Barton Ireland was set for a public election on Friday, May 22, to vote on the legalization of gay marriage and the majority of Irish voted in favor. Ireland became the first country to legalize gay marriage through national public vote. Gay marriage is legal in eighteen other countries but the decision was made through the courts or legislature. Ireland is Catholic, but the country was … Continue reading Ireland Votes on Same-Sex Marriage

Amtrak Derailment in Philadelphia

By Kate Barton An Amtrak train holding 243 passengers derailed on Wednesday, April 13, reportedly killing five people and injuring over 60 people in Philadelphia. The train was traveling from D.C to New York. Eight to ten cars derailed, some rolling over, resulting in tremendous damage. All service on the Amtrak between New York and Philadelphia has been canceled. The train station was traveling 106-mph … Continue reading Amtrak Derailment in Philadelphia

Nepal Quakes, Again

By Katherine Barton Another quake shook Nepal Tuesday, May 12, with a magnitude of of 7.3. The earthquake hit a region between the city of Kathmandu and Mount Everest. At the time of publication, four people are reported dead. A powerful earthquake shook Nepal in late April, leaving thousands dead and many more wounded. It had a rating of 7.8.  Aftershocks caused further destruction and … Continue reading Nepal Quakes, Again