Hundreds of Migrants Drown in the Mediterranean

By Kate Barton On April 15, a large vessel holding about 850 migrants capsized, leaving only 28 survivors. Previous to the catastrophe, an Italian coast guard was alerted of the boat and sent a Portuguese freighter, King Jacob, to help the ship. The captain of the migrant ship, Mohamed Ali Malek, upon seeing the King Jacob collided with it. In response to the collision, the … Continue reading Hundreds of Migrants Drown in the Mediterranean

Author Terry Pratchett Dies at 66

By Kate Barton Terry Pratchett, a famous fantasy writer, died on March 12, 2015. Pratchett was diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer’s Disease in 2007. The announcement of his death was released on his Twitter account. Sir Terry Pratchett, knighted in 2009, wrote over 70 books throughout his life, the arguably most popular being his series Discworld. Pratchett became very famous selling over eighty-seven million … Continue reading Author Terry Pratchett Dies at 66

Leonard Nimoy dies

By Kate Barton Leonard Nimoy was born on March 26, 1931, in Boston Massachusetts. He began in Hollywood by teaching acting classes in his twenties. He later went on to star in many movies, the most popular being “Star Trek” as Spock, alongside William Shatner as Captain Kirk. Leonard Nimoy won eight awards and was nominated for fourteen throughout his acting career, among them are … Continue reading Leonard Nimoy dies

Rolling Stone Rape Scandal

By Kate Barton Rolling Stone published the story “A Rape on Campus” detailing a University of Virginia student’s alleged account of being gang raped in one of the campus fraternities. The woman, called Jackie, said that a date with an upperclassman went wrong when he asked her to come inside his frat house, where they were throwing a party, and was forced to perform oral … Continue reading Rolling Stone Rape Scandal

The Tragic Loss of Tom Magliozzi

  By Kate Barton A radio legend, Tom Magliozzi passed away on November 3 due to complications of Alzheimer’s disease. At the age of 77, Tom had ameliorated the lives of millions of listeners on his show “Car Talk” on NPR which he co-hosted with his brother, Ray. Their show was structured as a call-in show for tips on auto care, but was so well … Continue reading The Tragic Loss of Tom Magliozzi

Flash Tattoos

By Katherine Barton Metallic temporary tattoos are becoming more common, even among BHS students. These tattoos are like temporary jewelry, mixing with physical bracelets to create an interesting texture. They’re also called “flash tattoos” and “jewelry tattoos” and have attracted many fashion leaders such as Vogue beauty director Sarah Brown and Beyoncé. The only issue with these new fashion statements is their price. Flash tattoos … Continue reading Flash Tattoos

The brain’s GPS system wins three scientists the Nobel Prize

by Kate Barton On October 6, three scientists, John O’Keefe, May-Britt Moser, and Edvard Moser, were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their work on the brain’s positioning system. This system allows people to create maps mentally that help with positioning and direction. In their research on rats, a specific nerve cell was always activated when the rat was in a certain place. Different … Continue reading The brain’s GPS system wins three scientists the Nobel Prize

Airstrikes Target ISIS in Syria

by Kate Barton Starting September 23, the U.S and five Arab Nations have joined together with the common goal of dismantling ISIS in Syria via airstrikes. The airstrikes target ISIS bases and supply lines and are being carried our because of ISIS’s control of Syria and its apparent role as a terrorist regime. ISIS and its members are believed to be acting in the interests … Continue reading Airstrikes Target ISIS in Syria