Rolling Stone Rape Scandal

By Kate Barton

Rolling Stone published the story “A Rape on Campus” detailing a University of Virginia student’s alleged account of being gang raped in one of the campus fraternities. The woman, called Jackie, said that a date with an upperclassman went wrong when he asked her to come inside his frat house, where they were throwing a party, and was forced to perform oral sex on five males.

The story has come into question due to The Washington Post challenging its authenticity. Three of Jackie’s friends have now stepped forward saying that the Rolling Stone’s account does not match the one Jackie told them about that night. The accused frat house has denied having thrown a party on that night, Jackie’s friends deny discouraging her from reporting the event, and the name of Jackie’s date is not in the school’s records. The Rolling Stone has said that “These mistakes are on Rolling Stone, not Jackie.”

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