Gift Guide

by Alyssa Rogers

It can be extremely hard thinking of ideas of gifts for family. Especially trying to get creative and different each year so you don’t end up starting a pattern with the presents you give. Hopefully this can help you out!


It’s always cool to get a mom something that shows how much you care. Moms are suckers for sentimental gifts, but sometimes just because you spend a lot doesn’t mean the gift is super meaningful. This year I would recommend getting mothers something that involves interaction with family. For example, if you want to do something together, get her a gift certificate for you both to go to a spa or get your nails done. Keep in mind, what you go out and do can be anything! It isn’t just confined to feminine activities. Be creative! This way it’s a great gift, but she doesn’t have to go do it alone. Spending time with your mother is precious to her, I can guarantee.


Think about what your dad is interested in. What team he likes, what his favorite hobby is, or even how he dresses. Dads may seem hard to shop for but honestly if you know what he’s a big fan of, right there opens you up to a bunch of merchandise that you can find in pretty much any store you go to. Every dad has something he is super into, whether a sport, hobby, TV show, or band. Find out what that thing is and shopping for him will be easy!


Sibling gifts should never stress someone out. There isn’t a lot of pressure with your siblings like there is with your parents or significant other. A sibling is probably more likely to understand if you buy them a gift card to their favorite store instead of picking something out specifically. Let them get exactly what they want. Trust me, I think they might be happier that way. If you are really worried about them thinking that a gift card isn’t personal enough, then get them some things from their favorite store but make sure to give them a gift receipt so they can get store credit if they don’t like what the gift is.

Significant Other

If you two are new to dating and still don’t know each other that well, then you can straight up ask them something they want, because they are probably just as stumped as you are for a gift idea. Make sure to set a limit with your significant other, that way you can save both of yourselves from feeling bad if the other person spends more. As long as you are on the same page, you can’t go wrong. If you have been together with your significant other for a longer period of time, it should be a bit easier to shop for them. Even if you buy them something that they use regularly, it shows that you pay attention to what they like and that can mean more than some fancy gift. If you are still stumped, you can always buy them clothes that you think they would look awesome in because that shows that when you saw something it made you think of them, which can be very flattering.

Still Stumped?

You can never go wrong with a fun gift. Think of something personal between you and the person you are buying for, and then find something you can relate to an event where you two were together. If you guys have an inside joke or a funny phrase that you guys always say, you can always customize a gift online and order it.

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