Charges against Cosby

By Kate Barton

Bill Cosby has been accused of rape, usually including drugs, by at least 21 women. These allegations are all beginning to surface due to Judy Huth, who spoke out against Cosby, and soon the other women followed. Most of the charges against Cosby are barred due to the length of time that has passed, falling under a statute of limitation.

Almost all of the women’s reports begin with Cosby offering them an unknown pill and then waking up in questionably compromising situations. Even if Cosby cannot legally be tried on any of the accusations, his image is considerably and irrevocably tainted and some of his honors, such as his Honorary Title given to him by the U.S. Navy, are being revoked. Upon questioning, Cosby has not denied any of the charges, but refuses to give comment. Anna Starkey, a BHS junior, claims that this scandal has “ruined her childhood.”

Read here for specific details on each woman’s story: