Flash Tattoos

By Katherine Barton

Metallic temporary tattoos are becoming more common, even among BHS students. These tattoos are like temporary jewelry, mixing with physical bracelets to create an interesting texture.

They’re also called “flash tattoos” and “jewelry tattoos” and have attracted many fashion leaders such as Vogue beauty director Sarah Brown and Beyoncé.

The only issue with these new fashion statements is their price. Flash tattoos are about $20 a set from the leading sellers, and they only last a couple of days. You also don’t get to choose the designs, so you might not like or use all of them.

This dilemma has led people to start developing their own DIY metallic tattoos that are much cheaper and can be done yourself, however you want. So if you want a more cost efficient option here’s what you can do: obtain a liquid gold or silver eyeliner or eyeshadow, cut a stencil out of tape (optional), and carefully draw on a design yourself. I purchased Hard Candy’s “Eye Def” color “Ditch” or 332 at Wal-Mart for $6.