Ireland Votes on Same-Sex Marriage

By Katherine Barton

Ireland was set for a public election on Friday, May 22, to vote on the legalization of gay marriage and the majority of Irish voted in favor. Ireland became the first country to legalize gay marriage through national public vote. Gay marriage is legal in eighteen other countries but the decision was made through the courts or legislature.

Ireland is Catholic, but the country was spotted with posters for and against. Posters for focused on the importance of fairness and the necessity for equality. Posters against pictured a nuclear family and stressed the importance of both a mother and a father.

The Irish Times poll indicated the legalization of same sex marriage in Ireland was in favor: 58% for, 25% against, and 17% undecided. 62% voted in favor in the election.

Ohio is set to vote on gay marriage in November. A dispatch poll indicates that 43% to 46% of Ohioans opposes gay marriage. The decision should be close.