Less is More

By Kate Barton

The saying “less is more” is available in most people’s memory, but taking it to heart can change one’s life. Having too many objects and not enough organization can clutter the mind and create stress, whether we realize it or not. Even when a person gets up the energy and motivation to clean, the space seems to inevitably become a mess again. The solution? Less stuff. With less in a room, it is always a level cleaner and easier to clean. So how can one achieve this goal?

  1. Motivation-Going through belongings is time-consuming and can be mentally draining. The outcome definitely is worth it, though. Look at different pictures of minimalist rooms or even read different blogs or books to inspire yourself and get in the mood to do some much-needed cleaning. A fairly new and popular book pertaining to such things is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.Image result for clean bedroomImage result for clean bedroom
  2. Ask yourself: does this item bring joy or serve a necessary purpose? If this question is honestly asked it can become very easy to get rid of boxes of clothes or furniture or other items.
  3. Donate! Just as important as deciding to get rid of an item is actually getting rid of it. Do not let boxes and bags sit around in a room. Immediately transfer them to your car and make sure to plan a time to drop them off at a donation center in the near future. Goodwill and Salvation Army are great options.             Image result for goodwill donate
  4. Organize your remaining items. Everything should have a place, and it is important to make sure each item soon returns to its place once moved so that disorder does not pile up. Many like to organize their items in a pleasing way, so symmetry and color coordination helps.                                             Image result for bedroom organizationImage result for relaxing bedroom
  5. Enjoy! Relax and breath in the pleasing and clean atmosphere you have created.Image result for relaxing bedroom

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