Turkey Talk with Christa Oeder

By Emily Caruso As the temperature drops and people prepare for Thanksgiving, Bellbrook High School celebrates the holiday in its own unique way: Teacher Turkey, a friendly competition between faculty members at BHS to see who wears a turkey costume to school. The winning turkey is determined by students donating money towards a teacher.  Raising over $500.00, all proceeds donated go to memorial funds for … Continue reading Turkey Talk with Christa Oeder

Humor: This Isn’t Something to be Laughing About

by Mitch Powers The most important part of comedy is timing. This is the golden rule in the history of trying to make people laugh. For me, this statement holds its own set of problems. I try to be funny all of the time. This isn’t a revelation I came to in some great flash of genius, but rather it was drilled into my skull … Continue reading Humor: This Isn’t Something to be Laughing About

Don’t Do Drugs or You’ll Get Dropped

by Kate Barton Walter Thurmond is a National Football League player for the Seattle Seahawks and is suspended from playing for four games because of his recently discovered use of drugs, which are banned by the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse (non-PED). This is another major blow to the Seahawks after their recent loss of Brandon Browner to a groin injury. This topic … Continue reading Don’t Do Drugs or You’ll Get Dropped

Movie Review: Killing Kennedy

by Emily Caruso With the 50th anniversary of president Kennedy’s assassination November 22, a tidal wave of shows about the infamous event hit public television. One of them, based on Bill O’Reilly’s book Killing Kennedy, took a respectful and insightful look on the assassination. The movie was not the stereotypical documentary where it was an analysis of the “magic bullet” or a conspiracy theory movie, but … Continue reading Movie Review: Killing Kennedy

Controversial ObamaCare Ads Promote…What?

by Nick Martin Ads recently released by the ProgressNow Colorado Education and the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative have been seen by many to promote a life of “easy sex and booze.” The New York Times wrote, “Sign up for ObamaCare and get a sleazy hookup. Colorado has launched a new ad campaign that attempts to entice young women to sign up for the new national health-care … Continue reading Controversial ObamaCare Ads Promote…What?

Bellbrook Students Succeed at Model United Nations Conference

by Megan Haymond

On Friday, November 15, Bellbrook High School Model United Nations members competed in their fall conference at the University of Dayton. There were nine possible committees students were placed in with their assigned countries. Betty Hociota, Elizabeth Odunsi, and Anna Starkey all received awards for their position papers.

Model United Nations is a club that promotes public speaking skills while giving students a taste of how the real United Nations works. Members of the club are highly passionate about debating public policy. The University of Dayton’s Model United Nations team hosts the conference acting as the chairmen assuring decorum is held and procedural rules are followed. The Model United Nations team typically attends two conferences a year: one at the University of Dayton and the other at Miami University. The University of Dayton conference is a little larger and only lasts a day, forcing delegates to be efficient in passing resolutions.

This year the committees focused on children. It was also interesting this year in the security council because participants were able to discuss recent world news with the struggles in Syria. The committees were as follows: 

General Assembly 1: Addressing the Impact of Small Arms and Light Weapons on Child Security

General Assembly 2: Effects of Climate Change on Indigenous Peoples of Central Africa

Security Council 1: Syrian Relief Effort with special regard for children and marginalized people

Security Council 2: Achieving Peace and Stability in Somalia

Historic Security Council: Rwanda 1994

ECOSOC: Addressing Gender Equality in Relation to Poverty Reduction

UN Development Programme: Access to Sustainable and Renewable Energy for the Poor

UN Human Settlements Programme: Increasing sustainable access to safe drinking water and sanitation methods

UNICEF: Promoting Human Rights to Eradicate Child Labor


Continue reading “Bellbrook Students Succeed at Model United Nations Conference”

Opinion: Black Friday Permeates Thanksgiving

By Abbey Knupp Prepare to eat your Thanksgiving dinner from your finest tupperware containers if you want to catch some of the hot sales this holiday season. If you don’t currently own some nice tupperware containers, you could always pick up the $18 set of pyrex containers that are a part of Macy’s sale. However, if you desire such an item, you better be prepared … Continue reading Opinion: Black Friday Permeates Thanksgiving


by Linden Peterson Viral YouTube video “What Does the Fox Say” will be available in book version on December 10. Created by two Norwegian comedians known as Ylvis, the book is expected make its way onto many bookshelves of children around the world this winter. “What Does the Fox Say” was on the top 10 of Billboard 100 for three weeks and has been viewed on YouTube almost 250 … Continue reading Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingringeding!

The Kennedy Legacy and Mystery 50 Years Later

by: Shelby Powers November 22, 1963 is the infamous date of the assassination of 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy. The loss of a beloved leader rocked an innocent and confident nation, the wealthiest in the world at the time, and propelled forward a decade of unequaled social change. As the 50th anniversary of his death passes this month, Americans look back … Continue reading The Kennedy Legacy and Mystery 50 Years Later

Arctic Monkeys coming to the LC Indoor Pavillion

by Adele Hardwick The new release of the Arctic Monkeys album, AM, has jump started the band in their 2013- 2014 global tour.  The group will be coming to Columbus at the LC Indoor Pavillion on February 11. The band will rock the crowd in the arena since there is only a pit seating area.  Their album was just dropped the beginning of last month. … Continue reading Arctic Monkeys coming to the LC Indoor Pavillion