A Win for Boston

By Kate Barton

On their home turf in Fenway Park in Boston, the Red Sox won the world series against the St. Louis Cardinals on their sixth game, 6 to 1. After the game on Wednesday, October 30 ended, fans poured out of Fenway Park and celebrated. This is the Red Sox’s third title in ten years. Red Sox player Ellsury stood out in the game, going 2-for-4.

Boston Red Sox pitcher Buchholz said “I’m taking absolutely nothing away from the Cardinals. Looking at their lineup card every day, you’re like, ‘Man, there’s no holes in that lineup.’ You couldn’t pitch around anybody. It’s tough one through nine. The game’s all about execution, and the times that we needed to execute the best, we did, and everything else took care of itself.”

Red Sox supporters at Bellbrook are ecstatic with this win. Bellbrook High School junior Colin Culbertson said, “The Red Sox deserved to win, easily.” 

Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell holding the world series trophy.


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