Paint Thieves Plead Guilty

by Bridget Richard

Admit it, everyone loves a good painting, seeing the toil and strife of one artist turned into beauty by paint strokes on a canvas. However, that wasn’t necessarily the case for Radu Dogaru, Alexandru Bitu and Eugen Darie, three Romanian men who recently plead guilty in court for stealing seven different paintings from the Kunthsal Museum in the Netherlands last year. What’s most interesting about this case, though, was that there was no grandiose police chase or grand discovery of the paintings. In fact, while the men have been caught, the paintings are still missing. The seven paintings, some done by famous artists such as Picasso and Monet, worth an estimated $24 million, were supposedly burned by Dogaru’s mother, Olga. She claimed to have burned the paintings in her furnace to heat the family sauna to protect her son, but when questioned again she retracted that statement.

When asked what they would do if they came into possession of these famous paintings themselves, sophomore Bridgette Martinez said, “I would probably keep them because if they’re famous, they must be good.” However, senior Jessica Lipke said, “It would depend on the position I’m in. I would most likely find a way to return them somehow. Especially if there was some sort of reward to return them.”


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