Bellbrook High School Winter Prism Concert

by Cayla Destefani

It is time for the entire music program of Bellbrook High School to put on their joint Winter Prism Concert. The concert will take place at Fairhaven Church on Friday, December 13 at 7:00pm. It features the Symphony, Wind Ensemble, and Concert Bands, and the Mentor and Concert Choirs. The Clarinet Choir and Bellbrook Percussion will also be making an appearance.

Every year the Bellbrook music program comes together and puts on a Christmas Concert. This is different for the music program because often the choir and band hold their concerts separately.  The Prism Concert is an exciting opportunity to not only see the bands and choirs perform together, but it will also provide a rare opportunity for the clarinet choir to perform in a concert with the other music programs.

This performance titled “The Prism Concert” acquired its name because it parallels light shining through a prism where it bends into all of the colors of a rainbow. The program displays great color and variety and mimics refracting light by having each group perform in different orders, a choir song followed by a band piece leading to a percussion number back to a choir group, etc. The quality holiday music is amplified by the outstanding acoustics, comfortable seating, and beautifully decorated hall provided by Fairhaven Church.  This music tradition is a great way to spread Christmas cheer because it brings all music lovers of Bellbrook together to enjoy various Christmas songs and kick off the Christmas season!


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