Thrilling News in Curling

by Bridget Richard

Curling is the tragically forgotten Olympic sport. Amongst the heated hockey tournaments and ski jumps, the enticing and epic game of curling is usually shoved aside.

This year, two teams of four are training and preparing for their biggest battle yet at the Sochi 2014 Olympics. Armed with the classic stone and broom, the two American teams are perfecting their strategy and aiming for the bull’s eye target.

The women’s team, Team Brown of Madison, Wisconsin, has already been qualified and confirmed to compete in the Olympics after they won the 2013 U.S Olympic Curling Trials for women in Fargo, North Dakota, back in December. Every woman on the American team, Erika Brown, Debbie McCormick, Jessica Shultz, and Ann Swisshelm, has competed in the Olympic games before, but all at different times and with different teams.

As for the men, their journey to Sochi was just guaranteed this past Sunday, December 15, beating intimidating teams from the Czech Republic and South Korea. All they need now is the formality of the United States Olympic Committee.

John Schuster, the men’s team skip, said, “The butterflies of winning for an opportunity like this, they never get old. That’s why we play this game.”


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