Review: The Originals

by Dru Hunsaker

While The Vampire Diaries still holds the title as the reigning show of The CW TV Network, its spin-off The Originals is holding its own in a brand new drama that exists in the same world as the original. The Originals follow Klaus Mikaelson, his sister Rebekah and his brother Elijah as they venture back into the heart of Klaus’ home town, New Orleans. The French Quarter is at war with itself as the vampires try to suppress the witches’ power. Klaus’ former protegé Marcel now rules New Orleans with an iron fist; however, Klaus decides that he wants to take the city back for himself. Aiding him in the process are the city’s witches who want to be released from their servitude and practice magic once more. As an unexpected twist takes place, Klaus is thrown into limbo and must decide whether or not he will change his life for what is coming.

The Originals appears on the CW on Tuesdays at 8/7c.