Did You Know? Interesting Official Sports

by Bridget Richard

Writing on the sports beat for your local newspaper does not mean only discussing touchdowns and lay-ups. There are a plethora of other off-beat sports, as well. And especially with the debate of whether or not playing video games competitively is a sport or not, it’s important to remember what already is considered a sport.

Never, fear– according to listofsports.com, cheerleading is counted as a sport. Alongside the more common sports such as basketball, football, baseball, hockey, gymnastics, and golf, there are some that might surprise you.

Yachting is considered an official sport, as is paintball, caving, the boomerang, and hot air ballooning.

So if the typical ball-in-goal sport doesn’t suit you, never fear. There is a wide variety of ways to show athleticism!

Source: http://listofsports.com/


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