Number of “snow days” will change

by Linden Peterson

Many students are currently confused regarding the number of calamity days, more commonly referred to as snow days, that we are permitted this year.  In the past, we have only been allowed five snow days with two-hour delays not affecting the total.  For this school year, however, the five snow days remain in effect.

Next year is when the change will take place.  The state wants schools to switch to an hour-based schedule versus a day-based one.  The state will mandate the total number of hours a school must be open.  According to the Ohio Board of Education website (links at bottom), schools must have a minimum of a specified number of hours in school.  If the school must close and does not have enough hours, the hours must be made up.

The hours required vary by grade.  Half-day kindergarten must have at least 455 hours, full-day kindergarten through sixth grade must have 910 hours, and seventh through eighth grade must have 1001 hours.


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