Big Brother, Big Sister

by Emily Bunsold

Sometimes, kids need people to look up to, someone to be a role model for them and help them down the right path, kind of like an older sibling would do. And that’s exactly what Big Brother, Big Sister aims to do. Big Brother, Big Sister is a club a Bellbrook High school where every Tuesday, a handful of high school kids make their way over to Bellbrook Intermediate school to create a bond with kids who either experience some sort of either social or behavioral issues, and help them learn how to come out of their shells and act respectfully towards others, but to also still have fun.

Each high school student has a “little brother” or “little sister” to hang out with or play games. The younger students look up to the high schoolers so much, so when the older students make suggestions on how to act, the intermediate kids seriously consider taking their advice. More so than they would if a teacher or any other authority figure were to give them the same advice. “We like to play lots of games, like Guess Who, or Connect Four. Sometimes we even play with other kids to have a little healthy competition, and that it’s okay to lose sometimes, but always say good game to the other players,”  says Abby Fryman, a sophomore who participates in the club. Abby’s little sister, fourth grader, Stephanie, states, “I’ve made a lot of new friends by playing games with them. And I’m really glad Abby’s my big sister. I draw her pictures and sometimes, she draws pictures for me too.”

High school students who participate in this once-a-week activity are rewarded with service hours that are good for future college applications and other resumes. All of the students that are in Big brother, Big Sister enjoy it so much, most of them wish it lasted a longer than 45 minutes. And with the cold temperatures lately, the kids are eager to be able to play with their older “siblings” outside when it starts to warm up.


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