Motivation Tips for Second Semester Seniors

By: Emily Bunsold The end of senior year can lead to every teacher’s worst nightmare. The unmotivated, lazy, “I’m already accepted into college so this grade doesn’t really matter” attitude that is senioritis. But with these 7 tips, that end of the year slump can turn into a go-out-with-a-bang demeanor to one of the most memorable moments in every high schooler’s life. Remember, just because … Continue reading Motivation Tips for Second Semester Seniors

2015 National Honor Society

By: Emily Bunsold The National Honor Society is one of the most prestigious clubs the Bellbrook High has to offer. This year, 28 juniors demonstrated the important traits of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Even though there are fewer inductees than there have been in quite a few years, this particular group shows that when it comes to small numbers, quality tends to be more important … Continue reading 2015 National Honor Society

From Bellbrook to Broadway

By Emily Bunsold Bellbrook is home to some of the most talented, successful, and hardworking students and athletes in the area, and one that stands out amongst the rest is Senior Abby Kress. Involved with Town Hall Theater, Playhouse South, Muse Machine, Epiphany Players, Bellbrook High School, and now Dare to Defy Productions, Abby has been a part of over 20 shows, most of which have been … Continue reading From Bellbrook to Broadway

2015 Fall Sports Awards

By: Emily Bunsold This year’s sports awards were held on Wednesday, November 4 this year, and it was filled with achievements. With over 200 athletes that participate, 76 of them maintaining 3.75 GPA throughout the season, Bellbrook has a lot to be proud of. Each sport gives out 2 special awards: the Eagle Heart Award who is awarded to one JV player, one varsity player, and … Continue reading 2015 Fall Sports Awards

Tips for how to have a successful job interview

By: Emily Bunsold Tip #1 Always shake the interviewer’s hand just before you sit down to start the interview. It’s a simple gesture, but remembering to be respectful goes a long way to someone who could potentially be your new boss. Tip #2 An easy way to up your chances of seeming like a likeable person is to smile. People who smile generally seem like … Continue reading Tips for how to have a successful job interview

“What Are You Looking Forward to Senior Year?”

By: Emily Bunsold As the school can probably tell, the juniors are quite excited to start the next exciting chapter in the four-part series of high school as many could tell on their junior spirit day. So over these last couple weeks at the high school, I’ve been asking my fellow soon-to-be seniors what they are most excited for senior year. Here are just some … Continue reading “What Are You Looking Forward to Senior Year?”

8 ways to turn your bad day around

By Emily Bunsold 1) Make different playlists of your favorite songs: -I have playlists for all different types of categories like for running, getting ready in the morning, studying. I even have a playlist of all the songs I used to listen to in middle school. Making different playlists gives you a chance to stumble upon some great music and resurface some old music that … Continue reading 8 ways to turn your bad day around