Motivation Tips for Second Semester Seniors

By: Emily Bunsold

The end of senior year can lead to every teacher’s worst nightmare. The unmotivated, lazy, “I’m already accepted into college so this grade doesn’t really matter” attitude that is senioritis. But with these 7 tips, that end of the year slump can turn into a go-out-with-a-bang demeanor to one of the most memorable moments in every high schooler’s life.

  1. Remember, just because you got accepted into college doesn’t give you an excuse to quit trying. Colleges still look at your final transcript! So choosing to not study for that final test could cost you . . . sometimes literally if you’re going to college on a scholarship.
  2. You’ll probably be less likely to feel motivated on your first year in college if you drop the ball at the end of your high school year. A huge benefit to trying hard in high school is that this perspective on self-discipline and focus will serve you well when times are rough during your freshman year at college.
  3. If you’re taking Advanced Placement or other college-level classes, you may need a certain grade or test score to get college credit. Doing well in these classes can help you place into more advanced courses, graduate early, and spend less on tuition—all very good things.
  4. Many students struggle with boredom in their final year of high school, making it hard to stay motivated. To avoid this, try rounding out your schedule with courses that interest you for this upcoming semester. Consider taking classes in subjects you’ve never tried before. This will help you stay focused and may give you a head start on choosing a major if you haven’t yet decided what you want to do.
  5. Something that always helps me when I feel unmotivated is to make lists for what I want to achieve or the upcoming semester. The clearer your goals are, the easier it is to maintain your motivation. Write down your goals for this semester, and be specific about how you’re going to achieve them.
  6. Try getting involved in a new club or sport. Clubs like Key Club and PfS are always looking for new members and it’s a fun way to focus on achieving a goal. It’ll also help you rack up some of those volunteer hours every senior needs by the end of the year.
  7. And lastly, make sure to enjoy your last year of high school! After all, you’ve worked hard to get into college (or whatever else you choose to do), and you deserve to treat yourself. Make sure to set aside some time to hang out with your friends, go to social events, and do other fun stuff. Just don’t make the mistake of treating senior year as one big party.

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