DNC and Bernie Sanders Clash Over Data Breach

By: Joseph Spirk

The campaign of Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is being accused by the Democratic National Committee of illegally accessing classified voter data of fellow opponent Hillary Clinton to use against her in the 2016 race.

A group of interns working for the Bernie 2016 campaign were the first to detect a software glitch in the data system that contains crucial voter data for candidates and is managed by the Democratic National Committee. The Sanders’s campaign admits that for a short time they were given access to Hillary Clinton’s data but clarifies that they will not and have not used the information in any malicious way. Sanders’s campaign also says they immediately notified the DNC shortly thereafter about the system failure and fired the intern who was responsible saying, “such behavior is unacceptable.”

Instead of thanking the Sanders’s campaign for noticing the glitch in the software system, the DNC for a short time denied them access to their own voter data that their campaign and countless volunteers  have collected across the country.

Jeff Weaver, the campaign manager for Bernie 2016, held a small news conference Friday afternoon to clarify and explain the situation and also sent out a press statement that was critical of both the DNC and also of the outside vendor hired to protect the voter data. Mr. Weaver went on to say that the DNC’s inability to protect the firewall between the data of competing Democratic campaigns is “dangerous incompetence.”

At the conclusion of the press conference Mr. Weaver went on to say that if the Bernie 2016 was not given back access to their voter data by the DNC, they would have no other option but to bring charges against them in federal court.

However, after  negotiations the Democratic National Committee and the Bernie 2016 campaign came up with an agreement early Saturday morning to give the Bernie campaign access back to their voter data.




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