Tips for how to have a successful job interview

By: Emily Bunsold

Tip #1

  • Always shake the interviewer’s hand just before you sit down to start the interview. It’s a simple gesture, but remembering to be respectful goes a long way to someone who could potentially be your new boss.

Tip #2

  • An easy way to up your chances of seeming like a likeable person is to smile. People who smile generally seem like happier people than people who don’t and look like they’re mad all the time.

Tip #3

  • In every job interview you’ll have in your life, the question of what your “biggest weakness” is will always come up. Don’t let this question catch you off guard; I always thought, “Why would they want to know what I’m bad at? I’m trying to impress them!” But the people who will interview you know if you can turn one of your weaknesses into strength.

Tip #4

  • Write a thank you email following your interview just stating how you appreciate the fact that they chose to interview you for the job amongst all the people who applied. Your name will stand out among all the rest of the interviewees because you went the extra mile in the end.

Tip #5

  • Wear something that the interview will remember. Usually something with a pop of color but not too overbearing, like a pair of earrings or a colorful watch can trigger a lasting impression.

Tip #6

  • Always think of a few question to ask regarding the position. This will show the interviewer that you are interested in the position enough to research a little about it.

*Results may vary but if all tips are used at once, your chances of leaving that interview room a happy camper will increase by a ton!