Where Oh Where has the Wifi Gone?

by Jaclyn Frank

Bellbrook High School students and staff are going nuts without internet access. Many teachers have lessons to teach through the internet and they can’t get a signal. What is going on?

Many students are fired up about not having internet while at school. They have no access to anything online–grades, emails, research–without using data. Data bills are racking up because students are often obligated to use data while in school. Most students have iPhones, iMessage being the way they communicate with friends and parents. Without wifi, iMessage does not work. A senior student states that she “thinks it is a ridiculous expectation for us to get all our online work done when all the classes are trying to go paperless, yet they don’t allow us any wifi, therefore wasting our data.” Within our school fees, an internet access/computer usage fee is posted. Why should we have to pay that if we cannot even use the computers that we are paying to use?

Teachers sometimes plan their lessons that involve using access to the internet. When the plan backfires, then the teacher is left with no choice but to give their students a study hall because wifi doesn’t work.  Whether it’s simply fixing the wifi we have or banning online work, something must be done before student’s data runs out.


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