Behind the Scenes of the Football Game Themes

by Jaclyn Frank

The Bellbrook High School student section is doing a phenomenal job this year. They have been getting the football players pumped up for their games. The Eagle’s first home game, on August 28, ended in a victory against Waynesville and our student section was nominated to be the next week’s section of the week. The following Friday, the game was under a lightning delay, but that did not stop the student section. They were under the bleachers dancing and even getting Mr. Hann and Mr. Baker to do the limbo. Although it seems like the football game themes are so much fun, behind the scenes there are some minor difficulties.

In a football game, there are three components: the players and coaches, the cheerleaders, and the fans. Among these equally important groups, all have different opinions on how the themes should be chosen. Football players believe that since it is their game, that they should be the ones choosing the themes because it gets them pumped up. The cheerleaders believe since they are ones that lead the student section, participate in every game, and attend every game as well, that they should be the main deciders when it comes to picking the themes. Cheer captain and senior Gabi Zapata stated, “Cheerleaders should definitely have final say in the themes. We should be able to make options for the student section to vote on. If there is a suggestion for a theme, then the cheerleaders should be notified over anyone else.” Lastly, a large majority of the student section agree that since they are the main participators of the themes that they should do what the student body votes on. Some of the student section agree with the cheerleaders’ perspective. Senior student section participator Charise Thayer says that, “Cheerleaders should be able to pick the themes. It is their sport and job to involve the students and get them actively involved.”


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