“What Are You Looking Forward to Senior Year?”

By: Emily Bunsold

As the school can probably tell, the juniors are quite excited to start the next exciting chapter in the four-part series of high school as many could tell on their junior spirit day. So over these last couple weeks at the high school, I’ve been asking my fellow soon-to-be seniors what they are most excited for senior year. Here are just some of their responses:

  • “Being able to be the oldest”
  • “Just a fun year where you can get close with the kids in your grade and underclassmen that look up to you.”
  • “Coming together.”
  • “Getting to sit in the front of the student section.”
  • “Joining as many clubs as possible”
  • “Going on college campus tours”
  • “Making new friendships with people in my grade”
  • “Hopefully not having to take the ACT again”
  • “Being someone that a lot of people look up to”
  • “My goal is to be friends with all my teachers this year so that they’ll all come to my graduation party.”
  • “GRADUATING” (I got that one about 20 more times)
  • “Being the most spirited class Bellbrook has ever seen.”