8 ways to turn your bad day around

By Emily Bunsold

1) Make different playlists of your favorite songs:

-I have playlists for all different types of categories like for running, getting ready in the morning, studying. I even have a playlist of all the songs I used to listen to in middle school. Making different playlists gives you a chance to stumble upon some great music and resurface some old music that you used to love.

2) Talk to a friend or family member about what’s bothering you:

-This always makes me feel better just to get everything out and vent to somebody about what’s going on in my life. Just having someone listen to you and give you some advice is really reassuring that everything is going to be okay.

3) Go outside:

-It’s getting nicer, so why not visit the nearest park or take stroll down your street and explore new places you didn’t even know existed in your town? Make an exploring playlist and wander around for an hour or two. Being stuck inside all day can get boring and may even cause a bad day to get even worse.

4) Take some time just for you:

-School is getting stressful with all this extra testing and exams coming up so just take a day to do all the things you like to do by yourself like running, drawing, or even taking an extra-long bath. Whatever makes you happy and lets your mind relax along with you.

5) Write everything down:

-This gives you an opportunity to get everything out and it’s one of the most rewarding things to write all the bad stuff down that trouble you and crumple it up and throw it away. Just make sure after all the negative entries are gone to write about what you’re grateful for too. This will show you that there are SO many more positive things in your life and it will make those negative ones feel so much smaller.

6) Hang out with your pets:

-They’re always so happy to see you and they’re the best listeners, so take some time and appreciate your pet (or someone else’s) and play around with them for a while.

7) Put all your social media away for the day:

-Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are drama-filled zones that’ll put anyone in a bad mood and it does not help when you’re already having bad day. Find other ways to fill that need to scroll and after a while, you’ll forget that you even had any of those profiles.

8) Accept it:

-Sometimes bad days will just be that: bad days. Sometimes we get so caught up in our bad day that it makes it even worse. Just know that the sun will definitely show up again tomorrow and that it will be a new day. Go to bed and start fresh tomorrow. And with that mind set, you’ll probably have fewer and fewer bad days.