2015 Fall Sports Awards

By: Emily Bunsold

This year’s sports awards were held on Wednesday, November 4 this year, and it was filled with achievements. With over 200 athletes that participate, 76 of them maintaining 3.75 GPA throughout the season, Bellbrook has a lot to be proud of. Each sport gives out 2 special awards: the Eagle Heart Award who is awarded to one JV player, one varsity player, and if the team has a freshman team, one freshman who exemplifies someone who puts in his or her all even through times of adversity, and the Sportsmanship Award, which is given to one varsity player who shows that he or she is someone on the team who shows ethical, appropriate, polite and fair behavior while participating in a game or athletic event and always puts the team before him or herself to individuals on the Junior Varsity, Varsity, and Freshman teams who show those characteristics.


-Eagle Heart: (JV) Nicole Cordonnier; (V) Amber Weydert

-Sportsmanship award: Emily Bunsold

Boys Soccer

-Eagle Heart: (JV) Aaaron Keefer; (V) Kevin Ricker

-Sportsmanship award: Tony Ulring


-Eagle Heart: (JV) Luke Mayberry; (V) William Martin

-Sportsmanship award: Noah Crosley

Girls Tennis

-Eagle Heart: (JV) Kiersten McCormick; (V) Rachel Heinz

-Sportsmanship award: Melissa Wahl

Girls Cross Country

-Eagle Heart: (JV) Molly Dunham; (V) Emi Ford

-Sportsmanship award: Savannah Shenk

Boys Cross Country

-Eagle Heart: (JV) Reed Ralston; (V) Cole Weslow

-Sportsmanship award: Nathan Hutson

Football Cheer

-Eagle Heart: (F) Cassie Ziemer; (JV) Elaina Brode; (V) Abby Kress

-Sportsmanship award: Claire Liddic

Girls Soccer

-Eagle Heart: (JV) Lauren Chew; (V) Alivia Tavernier

-Sportsmanship award: Megan Umina


-Eagle Heart: (F) Ike Clemens; (JV) Jack Campbell; (V) Cole Weaver

-Sportsmanship award: Nick Barhorst