Lea Michele releases her song, “If You Say So”

by Bailey Dixon

On February 28, Lea Michele, star of “Glee,” released her newest album, “Louder.” Her album includes 11 songs and if you get the deluxe version on iTunes, it includes a couple of bonus tracks. Many of her songs relate to her late boyfriend, Cory Monteith.

One of those songs is called “If You Say So.” She wrote it during the week after his death and in a beautiful way, shares her experience and how she coped with the loss. One of the lyrics from the song is, “It’s been seven whole days, seven whole days since you paralyzed me.” This lyric expresses the emotions she was feeling at that time. This was the only song that Cory wasn’t able to hear and when his death occurred, she took time away from the album. When she was in a better state, she decided she could add anything she wanted, so she sat down and wrote the song.

When interviewed by CNN about the song she said, “…It’s a very personal and a very intense song for me.” She later went on to say how the song helped her through the difficult time and also helped her express her feelings. The song is beautiful and will bring you to tears. The rest of Lea’s album is also excellent and is worth checking out. With her talent, she will be releasing many albums in the future.


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