Pushing Daisies Revival

by Abbey Knupp

In 2009, ABC cancelled their show Pushing Daisies after a mere two seasons. The show surged in popularity only after its cancellation, still maintaining a devout fan following after nearly 5 years of inactivity and becoming a cult classic. Bryan Fuller, the show’s creator, recently announced that a revival of the show could be in the works, taking the form of either a stage musical or a film production. He has been speaking with former members of the cast, like Kristin Chenoweth, about returning to the show’s reboot and the cast seems to be on board (Huffington Post).

Pushing Daisies, though only around for two seasons, was a delightful comedy that broke the norms of the average television show, featuring quirky characters, random musical numbers, and a miraculously imaginative set. The show’s protagonist was a pie-maker named Ned with the ability to bring the dead back to life with a single touch. A second touch would kill the person indefinitely. However, all magic comes with a price. If Ned kept the person alive for longer than one minute, another random person would drop dead to replace them.

Using his special ability, Ned solved murders with the help of a local detective named Emerson Cod. Ned would simply reanimate the corpses in the morgue, interrogate them for under a minute, and then the duo would set to using the information to solve the strange cases. On top of the detective work is a fine layer of romance and humor. In the first episode of the show, Ned brings his childhood sweetheart back to life and the two of them fall madly in love. The only stipulation is that they cannot touch or else she will die. Comedy ensues as they try to work around their problems, all while baking pies and trying to solve murders.

The show contained a star-studded cast, including Lee Pace as Ned the pie-maker, Anna Friel as his revived love interest Charlotte Charles, Chi McBride as Emerson Cod, Kristin Chenoweth as The Pie Hole’s main baker Olive Snook, and Ellen Greene and Swoosie Kurtz as Charlotte’s strange aunts.

Despite the sudden cancellation–which many people say happened too soon–the show has done nothing but gain popularity. Social media sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest are alive with love for the show and its cast, making a revival seem not only plausible, but necessary. While the show is not available on Netflix, the witty humor and endearing characters are worth the extra effort to get a copy.


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