Malaysia Flight 370 Missing

by Alexia Vlahos

Eleven days have passed since Flight 370 disappeared and to this day the disappearance still remains a mystery. The flight had a count of 239 people on board and went missing less than an hour after taking off.  According to NPR and CNN, now information has come out that flight 370 took a sharp turn westward right after the communication was cut off and that the whole incident was not an accident.  Investigators say the turn was programmed by someone in the cockpit but it is not known why the plane was taken far from the original destination.

Officials theorize that the plane was intentionally veered off course by someone who knew what they were doing, but it is still unknown if the turn was programmed during or before the flight.  Investigators searched the pilot’s personal computers and e-mails but nothing out of the ordinary was found.  Before the communication was cut, the pilot sent one last message saying, “Alright, goodnight.”  Recently the CEO of Malaysia Airlines, Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, told people that it was unclear the exact timing the devices were disabled.   The search is on-going and is being expanded northwest into Central Asia and south across much of the Indian Ocean.


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