Update on Ukraine Crisis with Crimea

by Alexia Vlahos

According to the New York Times, on March 18, Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, annexed Ukraine’s peninsula, Crimea, as Russian territory. “Crimea has always been a part of Russia in the hearts and minds of many people,” said Putin.

Putin gave a 40 minute speech to the people about how the annexation of Crimea is reversing a mistake made by the USSR 60 years ago when Ukraine got hold of Crimea, whose population is mostly Russian decent.  Putin’s argument towards people who disagreed with the annexation was that Ukraine is a state born out of illegal secession from the USSR splitting.  Putin also pointed out that Ukraine controls Russian historical regions in the south.

Putin said that he would not split up Ukraine any further but he plans to protect Russia’s National Security from Western countries’ forces.  A treaty signed between Russia and Crimea will have to be endorsed by Russia’s Constitutional Court and ratified by both houses of the parliament.  The procedures that have to be taken to make sure the annexation is complete could be finalized by the end of the week.


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