Wee Eagles Volleyball

by Emily Bunsold

Bellbrook offers many “wee eagles” sports for those kids wanted to be in sports before they are eligible to be a part of school sports. One in particular is Wee Eagle Volleyball. Fourth through sixth graders who are interested in the sport can be on a team, receive coaching by up to three high school or older middle school volleyball players, and come to practices and games to get the feel for what is ahead for them if they choose to stick to the sport up until they are of age to play for Bellbrook’s school teams. 

Leanna Crockett, a sophomore who coaches a team of fourth graders, has been coaching for Wee Eagles since she was in eighth grade and even participated in Wee Eagles herself. Crockett says that, “Volleyball is a very important part of my life, and teaching girls do learn how to do what I love most is very rewarding.” Practices for Wee Eagles volleyball are on Mondays and Wednesdays, only for an hour. “These girls, although very young, are going to be  coming up to play high school ball one day. We want them to have a basic understanding of the game so that when they do get to high school, they will be very  experienced and eager to play,” comments Emily Witker, a junior and coach for a fifth and sixth grade team.

When asked if being a player for Wee Eagles was an enjoyable experience, Avery Bunsold, a fourth grader, answered, “It’s very fun. The games we play help me get better at getting the ball over the net. My coaches are really nice too. They don’t get mad at me and make me do pushups or anything if I hit the ball into the net; they just tell me how to do it better next time.”

Games for Wee Eagles Volleyball begin next week. All the coaches and players have been working very hard to get ready for their games. And they are all so excited for what the rest of the season has in store for them.


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