Movie Review: Divergent

by Harmony Takhar

Divergent was realeased in theaters on Friday, March 21. The movie earned $22.8 million opening day and earned $56 million over the whole weekend. This was low considering the movie was expected to rack up to $70 million opening weekend, though the movie is currently ranked number one in box office. The movie is based off of the best-selling book, Divergent. Playing the main role was Shailene Woodley as Beatrice. Only half of said audiences had actually read the book and the ones who did noticed only minor differences from the book and the movie.

This is another popular science fiction book turned into a movie. Other movies similar to this are The Host, Twilight, Vampire Academy, Beautiful Creatures, and The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is a movie that is very similar to Divergent because in both books, the characters are oppressed by the government. Divergent wasn’t nearly as successful as The Hunger Games, because the fan following wasn’t quite as high.

The movie did manage to receive an A in cinema score. The movie is projected to make over $100 million after a week of being in theaters, which is when Lionsgate would start to be making money because the production cost was $85 million. The marketing was done by Lionsgate as well and helped production by Summit Entertainment. If one has not yet seen the movie, it would be a good idea to check it out, since it is leading the box office right now.


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