Awkward Season Four Begins

by Megan Haymond

Season four of MTV’s hit show Awkward premiered on Tuesday, April 15. The show kicked of the start of senior year for the cast. This season is faced with major changes: Ming has been shipped away to boarding school to prepare for college, Jake tries out a new “guitarist” look, Sadie is losing money and power, Tamara has everything together, and Jenna and Matty are broken up…or are they?

Spoiler Alert: Jenna kicks off the episode with a vow to make her senior year all about Jenna and to stay free from boy drama. After the class ranked is leaked during a senior picture, Jenna realizes its time to step up her academic game. However, Jenna spends her time analyzing Matty’s every word rather than focusing on college apps, only to end up fooling around with Matty yet again. On the other hand Tamara has her academic life completely under control, but her love life is another story. Jake and Tamara have a difficult time connecting and accidentally share some embarrassing personal information through a loudspeaker at the senior sleepover.

This episode is definitely one to watch alone as it’s filled with sexual drama and awkward scenes (as one would expect). While Awkward has no shame in delving into racy subjects, this episode is an overload. However, despite the many cons of yet another teen show centered around inappropriate subject material, this episode of Awkward can pride itself on discussing realistic issues for high schoolers (except for the same sex senior sleep over–realistically that would never happen) such as balancing a bustling social life, academic work, all while discovering who one is. It shows creates a way for teens to bond and recognize they are all dealing with the same issues. Jenna deals with getting rejected from clubs as she seeks to find her place. Each cast member deals with how to present themselves to college and becoming involved with activities that disinterest them purely to get into college. The characters also meet a new girl Eva, who encourages them to relax.

With an episode filled with surprises and interesting new twists like Episode 1 of Season 4, the rest of the season is bound to change relationships and shape futures.


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