International Club Happenings

by Caroline Wong

The International Club had its first meeting on September 12, 2014 and more than 100 students came to find out about this new club to Bellbrook High School. There was standing room only. Unlike in year’s past where there were separate meetings for Spanish and French Club, International Club combines these two clubs with a new subsection – Chinese Club – under one umbrella group. Club Co-Founder and teacher Leslie Christofano, who is also the Chair of the World Languages Department, noticed that participation was dwindling when the clubs met separately, so combining efforts has definitely solved this problem. Besides brainstorming for activity ideas, it was decided that the club would have a holiday theme this coming year.  Sharing holidays like Dias de Los Muertos, Chinese New Year and Thanksgiving will not only be festive at the high school, but be an interesting way to share cultural awareness and bring diversity to the school.

The next meeting for International Club will be this Friday, September 26, 2014. On the agenda will be learning greetings from these three countries. Bonjour, hola and ni hao will be heard in the hallways of Bellbrook High School. With Spanish, French  and Chinese being three of the ten most spoken languages in the world, members will increase their chances of offering a smile and greeting to most people in the world after this meeting.  In addition, come to see the unveiling of the club t-shirt design.  It should be a muy bueno time!


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