SWBL Tennis Championship within Reach

by Caroline Wong

On Wednesday, September 24, 2014, Bellbrook Girls’ Tennis team will travel to Thomas Cloud Park to participate in the annual South Western Buckeye League tournament. Teams that will be participating include Monroe, Franklin, Valley View, Brookville, Eaton, and the school’s chief tennis rival, Oakwood. With the help of the team’s new coach Emily Buerschen, the team brought in the ‘W’ against Oakwood for the first time in school history this past month and is hoping to defeat them again in the SWBL and claim the championship.

According to Coach Emily, “The SWBL title has been our team goal since day one. While our win over Oakwood–the first in school history–was gratifying, it is only a stepping stone to our end-game. We conditioned all summer and fall in the gym, looking up at our empty representation of league titles on the tennis banner and working with the mentality that our hard work would earn us our first title. We completely revolutionized the way we play tennis, and the dedication and perseverance of our players, led by our outstanding class of senior athletes, will be put to the test Wednesday as the pinnacle of our historical season. As a coach I couldn’t be prouder, I love my girls and we are invested all-in on this championship.”

Walking through the hallways of Bellbrook High School, you can sense the excitement for this tournament. All of the varsity members have lockers decorated with tennis ball signs and spirited streamers of purple and yellow. The fence lining the soccer fields just outside of the school says “BHS Tennis!” spelled out in an array of tennis-ball block letters. The anticipation continues to build each day among the team and student body in Bellbrook High School. Within a matter of two days, results will be known.

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