Mexican Government Flags Miley for her Performance

by Jackie Thompson

Miley Cyrus is under investigation by the Mexican Government after being spanked with the country’s flag on Tuesday. The Wrecking Ball singer’s “Bangerz 2014 Tour” kicked off on Sept 18 in Monterrey. Cyrus was caught on film twerking while sporting a pair of huge fake buttocks and being hit with the Mexican flag by two of her back-up dancers. To make matters worse, September 18 marked Mexico’s Independence Day.

On Wednesday, the Nuevo León state legislature unanimously voted for the Secretary of the Interior to sanction the twenty-one year old for her treatment of the Mexican flag. The nation has very strict legislation regarding disrespect towards its national flag, anthem, or symbols: any action that “implies contempt or lack of respect to the Homeland Symbols will be punished according to its severity and the condition of the offender.”

The video went viral as citizens celebrated their national holiday. The next day, it was displayed on news outlets all over Mexico. Many were outraged by the bold performance, including state representative Francisco Treviño. “I felt truly offended and annoyed by the fact that a foreign artist feels like she can come here and make fun of and mock our national flag…She brazenly made fun of our flag,” Treviño said.

Cyrus faces a minimum fine of $1,200 and 36 hours in jail. Whether or not the star herself will be facing jail time is under speculation. The Interior Ministry is leaning towards fining her tour organizers, Zignia Live, for not monitoring the content of the show. Zignia publicists argue that they couldn’t interfere with Cyrus’s show, but have asked to the star to be more cautious for the remainder of her tour. The singer has not made a comment on the incident so far.

Cyrus’s following performances on September 19 in Monterrey and September 21 in Mexico City featured her usual twerking, dancing, and sex act simulations—but no further insults to Mexico. The Bangerz Tour is scheduled to continue in South America with an upcoming performance on September 26 in São Paulo, Brazil.


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