Get the Homecoming Dress YOU Ordered

by Alyssa Rogers

Bellbrook High School Homecoming is October 18, and ladies, we know how important getting that perfect dress is. Formal gown designers consider their work art, and how could you not when you see those beautiful dresses? But unfortunately for these designers there are now dozens of scam websites claiming to be selling you those same designer dresses for much lower prices. These websites are using the copyright-protected images of the designer gowns without permission or giving credit where it is due.

How do you know it’s a knock-off? There are many signs. The most obvious one: receiving a dress that doesn’t match the picture. And it isn’t minor details. It’s a completely different design, with different beading, material, and sometimes even color. These scam sites are illegal and many of the dresses are made using child labor in sweat shops.

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Thankfully, if you plan to order online, there is a website that works with the designers to list verified websites that sell authentic dresses. This website also lists scam sites, so make sure you double-check before you order!