New Director to Put on Her First Show

by Cayla Destefani

BHS English teacher Ms. Grace Brown is to be directing the 2014 fall play “Madam’s Been Murdered, Tea Will Be Late.” The play opens on Thursday, November 20 and closes on Saturday, November 22. For many years the Bellbrook shows have been directed by Ms. Long who is now retired and passing on her legacy to one of her own former students.

Ms. Brown is very excited to be directing at Bellbrook High School. Although she knows that there will always be nerves involved in putting on a play, she says, “The cast is wonderful, and I have full faith in their abilities to make the show great. It has been a lot of fun.”

When she was in high school she discovered that she would be graduating college at right about the same time that Ms. Long would be retiring here at Bellbrook. When asked about if she saw herself coming back to teach at Bellbrook and direct the theatre department only a few years after she graduated here she replied, “Bellbrook was my dream all along. It is a wonderful school district and excellent place to teach. It is getting more and more difficult to get a teaching job, and when Ms. Long mentioned that she would be retiring about when I would be graduating I saw my dream opportunity. We kept in touch while I was in college, and when the timing worked out my dream opportunity became real!”

“Madam’s Been Murdered…” was actually the play that Ms. Brown performed in her senior year; she played the part of Katie. When asked why she chose to do the same show that she performed in as the first show she will direct she said, “The show was really enjoyable when I did it and I wanted to do something fun yet familiar. I knew that I had the kids to fit the cast as well.”

Normally the Bellbrook tradition is to do a murder mystery of some kind in the fall and a musical in the spring. I asked if Ms. Brown would be continuing this tradition. “When selecting the fall play we want something that would be enjoyed by and yet appropriate for middle school, high school, and adult audiences. Also, we need to choose a show that has a relatively large cast so that we can get as much involvement in the theatre program as possible from the students. Murder mysteries have always been chosen because they all are enjoyable to all audiences and have lots of characters. Maybe if I find other plays that meet these requirements then I would love to do them, especially comedies. Until then, though, we will be staying with the tradition of a fall mystery and a spring musical.”

The dates that the play runs are:

Thursday, November 20, 2014 @ 7:00pm Bellbrook High School Auditorium

Friday, November 21, 2014 @ 7:00pm Bellbrook High School Auditorium

Saturday, November 22, 2014 @ 7:00pm Bellbrook High School Auditorium

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