City of Bellbrook joins lawsuit over PFAS contamination

by Brock Fortman Bellbrook backs Fairborn in filing suit against more than 30 businesses over claims of contamination in the city’s water supply with a group of chemicals known as PFAS. The 48-page lawsuit was filed in late October at Greene County Common Pleas Court which named several high-profile companies like 3M, DuPont, Tyco Fire Products, and others totaling 32 named companies and 49 unnamed … Continue reading City of Bellbrook joins lawsuit over PFAS contamination

Get ready for Songs in Blue with the Bellbrook Marching Eagles

By Leanne Beane If you enjoy any of these musical selections, consider looking into the Bellbrook Marching Eagles 2021 show “Out of the Blue” which contains all four of these pieces, including a few of the famed solos. Rhapsody In Blue by George Gershwin “Rhapsody In Blue” by George Gershwin is an orchestral piece written in 1924 for Paul Whiteman’s “An Experiment in Modern Music” … Continue reading Get ready for Songs in Blue with the Bellbrook Marching Eagles

Autumn Décor Ideas to Spice Up Your Bedroom

By Leanne Beane As autumn approaches, many individuals are searching for new décor to match the upcoming season. Popular themes include homegrown food, forests, vibrant colors, and spicy scents. As companies begin advertising their seasonal items, candles, small animal figurines, and autumn plants rise to the top of the sales. These pieces of décor are inexpensive and trendy, perfect for any bedroom. Companies such as … Continue reading Autumn Décor Ideas to Spice Up Your Bedroom

10 things you didn’t know about the yearbook

By Anna Starkey Each fall, yearbooks are distributed to the student body.  Contrary to popular belief, they do not make themselves. Bellbrook yearbook staff members spend all year working diligently to create the perfect book for their peers.  Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about BHS’s yearbook: Yearbook is a real class with real work and real assignments…and it can be stressful. Yes, yearbook is … Continue reading 10 things you didn’t know about the yearbook

Spotting the Spotted…Salamander

By Anna Starkey For a brief moment each year, a creature of the mud slowly emerges, ready to partake in its annual journey.  This migration is not for food, nor is it for a warm winter home.  Instead, the small, slimy creature chases streams, searching for an ideal body of water to lay its young.  This creature is the spotted salamander, and it has eluded Bellbrook High … Continue reading Spotting the Spotted…Salamander

Will the Globes predict the Oscars?

By: Anna Starkey The 73rd Golden Globe Awards took place on January 10, 2016 to honor the most outstanding films and television of 2015.  Nominees and winners were selected by the Hollywood Foreign Press as Ricky Gervais hosted the show for the fourth time.  The night was filled with continual bleeping and laughter as dry-humor and crude jokes ran rampant.  Highlights of the night included The Revenant … Continue reading Will the Globes predict the Oscars?

2016 Grammy Nominations

By: Anna Starkey For the first time in Grammy history, the 58th Grammy Awards will be held on Monday, February 15 rather than the usual Sunday ceremony.  The show will be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and will present 83 awards to various musical artists.  On December 7, the Recording Academy announced a diverse collection of Grammy nominees. Leading the nominations this year … Continue reading 2016 Grammy Nominations

Top five local thrift shops

By Anna Starkey Whether you are searching for an outfit for a football game, a Halloween costume, or an ugly sweater, thrift stores offer convenient and cheap solutions to any wardrobe problem.  Luckily, the Dayton area is home to multiple second-hand shops. Here are the Top Five must visit thrift shops in the area:   Happy thrifting! (And remember to wash clothing prior to use.) Continue reading Top five local thrift shops

School Levy on the May 5th Ballot

By C.J. Destefani. Across Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Township there are “Vote for Schools” signs in preparation of the upcoming May 5 ballot for Bellbrook Schools’ replacement levy. The current levy expires December 5. The replacement levy calls for $7.92 a month per $100,000 appraised property value. This is an increase, but it is necessary to keep pace with inflation and compensate for the freeze of state funds to Bellbrook Schools, … Continue reading School Levy on the May 5th Ballot

What is lent anyway?

By Cayla Destefani Just last Wednesday (2/18/15) Christian churches all over the world celebrated Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. I’ll bet some people just went into panic reading that and thought, “No way! Is it Lent already? Does that mean I need to give something up?” Although many people use this Lenten season to try to actually complete their New Year Resolution of … Continue reading What is lent anyway?