School Levy on the May 5th Ballot

By C.J. Destefani.

Across Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Township there are “Vote for Schools” signs in preparation of the upcoming May 5 ballot for Bellbrook Schools’ replacement levy. The current levy expires December 5. The replacement levy calls for $7.92 a month per $100,000 appraised property value. This is an increase, but it is necessary to keep pace with inflation and compensate for the freeze of state funds to Bellbrook Schools, the school board says. The replacement levy does not offer any new programs nor does it cut any existing programs.

Many people across the community believe the passing of this replacement is necessary for our community’s wellbeing. The levy will continue to support Bellbrook’s high quality schools that are repeatedly recognized on the state and national level. The best part for the tax payers is that it comes at a great value. Bellbrook Sugarcreek schools use the third lowest amount of district money in Greene county—about $1,000 less per pupil than other schools—which is well below the state and county averages in this area.

If the replacement levy does not pass, it could be bad news for Bellbrook. The failure to pass this levy would drop teacher positions, which would mean larger class sizes and a less personal education. It would also cause the price of pay-to-play sports to increase, and a reduction of police security at school. All of this would decline the school district’s excellence, which could lower property values.


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