Man Arrested for the Killing of a 6 year-old-girl

by Casey Murply

A 47-year-old man was arrested Wednesday once the remains of a 6-year-old girl were found outside her home in separate bags, near her home in Kobe City, Japan.  Mirei Ikuta went missing on Sept 11.  Once identified with DNA tests, the remains of the young girl match.

Police said the suspect, identified as Yasuhiro Kimino, lives in an apartment near Ikuta’s house, TBS reported.  Kimino had left cigarette butts and his hospital registration card in one of the body bags. “It is obvious he had no concern for anyone finding the girl by leaving behind blatantly obvious evidence that he had done this criminal act,” comments Paulette Hensley, Bellbrook High School art teacher.

Police said Kimino, who has refused to answer any questions, has so far only been charged with abandoning a body, according to JapanToday.  Police also reported that the one-piece dress and sandals that Ikuta was wearing when she disappeared was found with the body, but not her knapsack, TBS reported.

Mirei was last seen walking to a friend’s house after visiting her grandmother and walking home from school.

The remains of missing Japanese 6-year-old Mirei Ikuta have been found near her home.



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