Makeup Artist Tips Every Girl Should Know

by Alyssa Rogers

Putting on makeup can be one of the least desirable parts of a girl’s day depending on her knowledge of the products she is using and what they can do. We always see those makeup commercials with the beautiful models looking flawless so we buy those products, but then when we buy them, we don’t look anything like the women in the commercials. The truth is, the way we apply our makeup is just as important as what we apply. Here’s some tips I’ve compiled that every girl should know.

  • PRIMER- Using eye shadow primer is key to making your makeup stay the way you first applied it in the morning. Simply add your primer on your bare eye lid before applying any shadow and watch how flawless your eyes continue to look throughout the day.
  • CHOOSE THE RIGHT MASCARA- Just because a mascara works on your best friend doesn’t mean it will have the same effect on you! Determine what kind of eye lashes you have, and then shop based on that. Are you lashes thick or thin? Are they long or short? Do you realize what color you’re purchasing? (blackest black, brown black, brown, navy, etc.) All of these things are  important and also some of the most common things girls don’t take into consideration.
  • FOUNDATION- Foundation is something that can mess up an entire look if you don’t have the right one. First of all make sure you have the right color. The right color is what is going to match your neck and body, not necessarily your face, because a lot of times our face is paler than the rest of us. Also pay attention to the level of coverage you are getting; if you have mostly clear skin, a heavy foundation is completely unnecessary and will easily look caked on.
  • WINGED EYELINER-  Ladies, it may be called a “wing” but you are not trying to actually fly away; tone it down. A wing should be simple and when it is extended all the way out to your temple it’s no wonder that you feel like something looks off.
  • BLUSH- No, not all blush works and looks the same. Yes, there actually are different colors, and yes it does make a difference. So many girls head to the store and pick up a random blush thinking that it all works the same, but just like all makeup you have to choose the right color for you. If you have very fair skin, a dark plum or berry blush is probably not right. The same if you have a deeper skin tone, a bright pink or coral may not look right. Pay attention to the colors and test it on your skin before you buy it.

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