Culture Corner: Exchange Student Daisy Shu

by Caroline Wong

Daisy Shu is an exchange student visiting for the year all the way from Guangzhou, China. Continue reading for an inside scoop of her American experience.

Q: Who is your host family?

A: The Diederichs

When did you get to the US?

August 13th.

What is the name of your high school in China?

Guangdong Experimental High School

Are you homesick?

A little bit, but yes.

Can you call home often?

Yes. I Skype with them twice a week.

What do you find surprising about American teenagers?

They are more easy going than I expected.

Can you compare American and Chinese teenagers?

American teens are taller! American teens have a more diverse life, less pressure, and most of them have siblings, while Chinese teens may not have as much leisure time as Americans do. American teens can work and drive which result in more freedom.

Compare your home and school in China with Bellbrook, Ohio and BHS

My home is on the 8th floor of a building which has 25 floors in total and there is everything near it: food, shopping spots, grocery stores. I can get everything by walking and safe public transportation. Bellbrook is a smaller town with much more landscape and I cannot go to any place without a car. Exchange students can’t drive!

Do you miss Chinese food? What is your favorite American food?

Yes!!!! But I still like American food. I don’t really have a favorite American food. I love most of it (not Chipotle), but it’s not that healthy.