One Picture Makes Random Target Employee a Star

by Alyssa Rogers

Alex from Target is the new internet sensation, haven’t you heard? A picture of the teenager bagging groceries surfaced on Twitter just a few days ago; and it’s only gone viral from there. It was a matter of two or three days before Alex had hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter. “Am I famous now?” the heart-throb tweeted, and yes, it appears so. Alex, you are indeed famous. Girls have already made fan accounts dedicated to him on various social media sites. Other girls have written “fan fiction,” which is a made up story about a public figure usually involving said figure falling in love with a fan. It is very strange to think that one picture of this random teenager made him an internet celebrity.

Alex was contacted by Ellen DeGeneres and even appeared on her show for an interview. There he explained just how surprised he is from this sudden fame as we are. When his manager showed him the picture and told Alex that he was a viral sensation, he admitted he thought it was fake. Now there is a marketing company called Breakr claiming to have planned this whole thing out. They claim to have posted the photo through a fake account to see the impact of the “fangirl” world. Alex, however, has seen this claim and denies the truth of the statement. He says he’s never contacted that company nor had they contacted him, and that it was just not true.

So another day in 2014, another person becoming famous for their physical qualities. It seems as if all it takes now is an attractive appearance to become the next celebrity. Obviously this is a debatable topic, but it is impossible to deny that many of the internet sensations today are where they are solely because of their face or body. In an age where we are trying to promote confidence and positive body image, it seems confusing that we are packing the media with people who are famous for being good-looking. It’s like a slap in the face to the campaigns promoting self-confidence. What’s your opinion? Leave it in the comments below.

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