San Francisco Giants Take the World Series

by Jaclyn Thompson

The San Francisco Giants scored yet another World Series title Thursday, October 30, with a 3-2 victory over the Kansas City Royals in Game 7, making the Giants the first road team to win Game 7 since the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates. In the past 5 years, they’ve won three World Series titles—  as many as all the other four California teams combined in past the 33 years.

Even more history was made when left-handed pitcher for the Giants, Madison Bumgarner, was named the Series’ MVP for his outstanding performance. He pitched five shutout innings in Game 7 and limited the Royals to two hits, after throwing a four-hit shutout 3 days prior in Game 5. Kansas City used 3 relievers to pitch the 5 innings that Bumgarner managed all by himself. He allowed 1 run in 21  innings, making for a microscopic ERA of .43. The twenty-five-year-old also was crowned the National League Championship Series’ MVP against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Giants’ fans celebrated their team’s return to San Francisco during the Homecoming Parade on Halloween. Fans lined the streets and were met with a deluge of orange confetti and rain. “We’re here, we’re freezing, we’re cold, we’re hungry, but we’re all here to support,” one fan said, according to ABC7 news.


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