Bellbrook Schools Help Eliminate Bullying at Young Ages

By Emily Bunsold

Bullying has been an issue for ages, but has recently become seriously common at schools. What’s most shocking is how much of that bullying goes on in third, fourth, and fifth grade, especially between girls. This issue has gotten a lot of attention among celebrities who were bullied themselves and want to help stop girl-to-girl bullying. The “Mean Stinks” program started by the Secret deodorant brand focuses on the issues and solutions to stop girl-to-girl bullying. Campaign role models include many who young girls look up to like Demi Lovato and Amber Riley from Glee.

Bellbrook has taken advantage of the campaign and started their own “Mean Stinks” club at Bell Creek Intermediate. About a month ago, there was an assembly held during school with all the fifth grade girls to talk about the program and at the end, participate in some really fun activities, like writing nice things and sticking them on girls’ lockers, painting their pinky nail blue which symbolized that they “pinky promised” to end girl-to-girl bullying, and a photo booth. With the help of some of the girls from the high school, the assembly went on flawlessly and since there has been a dramatic decrease in bullying during school.

There are weekly lunch groups for every class with the girls to remind them how important it is to help people instead of bring them down and to take action when they see bullying, not be a bystander. There was even a pajama party held for the girls and their moms to spread kindness and to get the message across that mean stinks.

If you’re interested, the BCI Mean Stinks program has an Instagram page to follow to see all the fun activities they do. The name for the account is:

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