Ideas for a living Christmas

by Cayla Destefani 

And now 13 ways to make the holiday season in your home warm and jolly, and to keep the wonder and magic of Christmas alive for everyone of all ages…

1. Listen to Christmas music

They just warm the soul (when they are played at the right time) and do an excellent job to inspire Christmas spirit.

2. Put up decorations

Fill your home with Christmas cheer and brighten your spirit every time you walk through the door.

3. Spend time with family

Because no matter what, they are your family, and everyone deserves to know that they are loved this holiday season.

4. Give a gift

It truly does feel better to give than to receive. See the joy on your friend’s face as she opens the present that you picked out and paid for or made for her to have because she means that much to you… it will be worth it.

5. Make a thankful list

Remind yourself how lucky and blessed you are to have everything that you do.

6. Drink egg nog

It just tastes like Christmas. Egg nog is a delicious addition to any Christmas celebration.

7. Make gingerbread cookies

They taste yummy and look adorable! You can help but feel happy when you smell the cookies and decorate them into precious little people.

8. Watch classic cartoons

What could lighten the mood and inspire Christmas Spirit better than Charlie Brown, Rudolf, or Polar Express?

9. Wear a Santa hat

Look festive and fun! Keep you and your friends smiling with the jolly accessory.

10. Go Christmas shopping

Looking for gifts for the people you love while viewing the beautiful Christmas atmosphere of the mall? What better way to spend a day? Don’t view this as a chore, view it as a wonderful opportunity!

11. Look at Christmas lights

Drive anywhere and view the beauty of the world around you this Christmas. See the sparkling glow on every home and let the image fill you with joy.

12. Sing Christmas carols

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. Go out and make someone else’s day with the gift of music.

13. Write Christmas cards

Warm the Christmas season by connecting with old friends!

Keep this season filled with wonder and magic, and don’t ever let the winter blues get you down! Stay positive, keep warm, and remember how blessed and loved you are this winter!

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