First Test for Orion Was a Success!

by Bridget Richard

The Orion Spacecraft, developed by NASA, was recovered 600 miles from the Pacific Coast by the Navy following its successful test launch on Friday, December 5.  The test lasted 4.5 hours and the Orion had a total mass of 46,848 lbs. at launch. This first Exploration Test Flight was the first of many complex steps for the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) before it can reach its ultimate goal, which is a 4-member exploration trip to Mars. But this won’t take place until the mid-2030’s, as was reported by on December 7

BHS sophomore Roxanne Jennings commented on the recent topic of space exploration, saying that, “I think that it is interesting because it’s a new frontier for people to discover new stuff.” And when asked if she would ever want to go into space, she said, “I would, that would be cool. It’d be terrifying and fascinating.”