An Abundance of Snow Days

By Henry Wong

With 5 snow days and a couple of delays since we’ve been back from Winter Break, it’s a good thing the Ohio Department of Education has changed the policy on calculating calamity days. In the 2013-14 school year, a majority of Ohio schools went over the state calamity day allowance of 5 days, forcing the Department to change the protocol of counting the number of permitted school closures.

New this year, the Department is setting a minimum number of hours in which students must be in school, 1,001 hours to be exact for grades 7-12, instead of a maximum number of days schools are allowed to close. According to this new policy, if a school requires students to be in school for over 1,001 hours, they will be allowed to miss however many excess hours of school that have been required. For example, if a school has scheduled 1,050 hours, they will be allowed to miss 49 hours of school, or approximately 7 school days.

A majority, if not all students, like snow days but some are on the fence about how they feel about unexpectedly missing school. Sarah Malas, a freshman, says snow days are partly to blame for her grades. Other students like Olof, a Swedish foreign exchange student, think snow days are a godsend. “In Sweden we never had snow days. It could be -20 degrees and we would still have school,” he said. He considers himself impervious to excessive snow and even believes that some snow days that are called in Bellbrook are completely unnecessary but nonetheless, he enjoys them along with the rest of his peers.

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