Stay Organized through the second Semester Slump

By Emily Bunsold

Second semester is the toughest to get through, only 5 more months until summer and for seniors, 5 more months until graduation! It takes a lot to stay motivated and organized, but I’ve interviewed some of the most organized people in this school, and through the whole third quarter, I’ll be giving each of them their own 15 minutes of fame to give the rest of us some tips to get through the second semester slump. The first motivational person I interviewed was a junior, Gabi Zapata.


  • Do you have any method on organizing your school supplies for different classes?

Yes, I have a method: For all my science classes I use the color green and I organize my binder by chapters, so each divider is a different chapter, and I always take notes on a separate sheet of paper. For all my history classes I use the color red and I only use a folder, then I have a giant 5 subject notebook that I take all my notes in. For English classes I use the color yellow, and I just have a binder that has different tabs. And for math classes I use the color blue, and my binder is organized with tabs of homework, notes, quizzes/tests, warmups, and worksheets, and I ALWAYS AND ONLY use graph paper for math class.

  • How do you organize your agenda?

My agenda isn’t that organized. Anything that is due, though, I write in pink pen, and homework is written in pencil and then highlighted yellow. Green and blue pen is stuff I have planned outside of school and purple is usually school events.

  • What do you do to prepare yourself for a test?

For a test it depends on what class, but the main idea is that I write questions for myself to be quizzed over, and I look over all my notes, all past quizzes or tests. Usually there is a review and I look at that too, and I try to reread the chapter or skim it. Also, my mom and sister usually quiz me. Nights before a test I try not to cram. I always go to bed before 12 p.m. no matter what because sleep is good for test taking.

  • How do you stay motivated?

I stay motivated a lot by [my sister] Mia, because she gets straight A+ and is ALWAYS studying and working her hardest to get good grades and knows basically everything, so it pushes me to do the same. Also by sleeping enough and eating healthy and taking care of your body and having a positive outlook on life it really helps with your self-confidence and makes you want to succeed at things, so doing all that helps keep me motivated too.

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